What You Should Know About Commercial Upholstering

Commercial upholstery can make all the difference for you and for the look of your furniture. You might have some furniture that you want to have upholstered for the first time. You might also want to replace the upholstery on a piece of furniture that is fairly old and that has worn sofa upholstery Singapore. There might be some antique furniture around the house that you want to restore in some way. Getting a professional for this job can make all the difference. You should know what lies ahead, however.

For one thing, getting new upholstery is going to be really hard. If you think that upholstery is just about the fabric, you’re wrong. You don’t want the fabric pasted on, which is probably what would happen if upholstery went on the way some people think it goes on, and upholstery needs to be truly fitted to a piece of furniture. Contractors are going to need to strip the piece of furniture in question right down to its frame. Then, they are going to have to add new forms of enforcement for the frame and for the joints. The coil springs and the zigzag springs are going to need to be replaced as well, if applicable.

From there, the professionals can get going with actually tackling the upholstery, including the padding, the fabric, and the filling. Actually handling all of these intricacies is going to be really difficult. It’s also going to be time-consuming, so you shouldn’t assume that this is the kind of thing that you can do on your lunch break. You have to deconstruct a chair and put it all back together again when you do commercial upholstering, and that is going to take some time and some effort, as well as some money.

Lots of times, if you are getting new upholstery, you are going to need to fix something else about the piece of furniture. These kinds of pieces are often going to have a lot of problems of their own, and this is going to be a set of issues that a professional can help you address. As such, you are probably going to be able to hold onto the furniture for a much longer period of time, being able to enjoy it all for years and adding value to it if you plan on selling it again at any point in time.

It’s going to be more expensive and more time-consuming to add certain types of upholstery to certain types of furniture, and this is something that people should keep in mind as well. If you are adding upholstery to something for the first time, this could actually be less expensive compared with fixing an older piece of furniture in order to add some newer upholstery to it and in order to repair it all. Then again, the costs of upgrading furniture are always going to vary depending on a number of factors, so you should know that there is going to be a range involved with all of this.

You might also be wondering if you should just go ahead and get a new chair rather than going about trying to get new upholstery. That is a tough decision to make in a lot of cases. If you really love this chair or sofa, you should definitely go with it. If it is an antique chair from the 1930’s or whereabouts, then it is probably something that was built to last anyway. It really is worth it to try to upgrade something like that, which is the kind of thing that is worth preserving.

A lot of modern furniture was not designed to last for nearly a hundred years, and getting professional upholstery upgrades will not suddenly increase the lifespan of the furniture. However, you still might want to do it for various reasons, and it still might be worth it for you in a lot of cases. Getting a professional upholstery job is going to take a long time, and it is going to be a process that will involve cutting into your furniture in order to more or less make them entirely different pieces of furniture. However, it is going to be worth it for plenty of customers.

Having these health problems? Your carpet is the cause!

Many people with health problems never consider that their carpet may be the culprit. Whether your carpet was bought new or used, hiring a professional to clean your carpets can often resolve many common health problems. Doing carpet cleaning yourself will not solve many of these issues, as your home model vacuum cannot remove all of the dirt and particles that accumulate. In addition, products made for home carpet cleaning can contain harsh chemicals that are unsafe to use around people with allergies, pets, or children. If you are suffering from any of the following conditions, it may be time to hire a carpet cleaning professional.
AllergiesDust and other allergens can become embedded in carpet fibers. Pet dander, dust mites, and fleas can live in your carpet and these can cause allergies in some people. Carpet is the most overlooked source of allergens in the home, but it is the most common place for these allergens to be present. Vacuums made for home use do not remove these allergens sufficiently, but professionals have equipment that will remove them effectively, the same ones they use for mattress cleaning Singapore.
Red Irritated Eyes, Irritated SkinRed irritated eyes and irritated skin can be from an allergy, but not always. Even if you do not normally have allergies, contaminants in the carpet can cause irritation. These irritations do not necessarily have to be from dirty carpet or things that become embedded in it. It can be from chemicals found in carpet cleaning products designed for the home. A carpet cleaning professional can help you evaluate the source of the irritation and devise the best plan for getting rid of it for good. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is certainly much less expensive than hiring a medical professional.
Frequent HeadachesIf you are having frequent headaches, then it may be due to an allergic reaction to something in your carpet. Even doctors often miss this common source of headaches. These headaches do not necessarily have to be from allergens and can be caused by coatings on the carpet itself. A professional can help to remove the source of the headaches and make your house feel much better. If you have tried everything else and cannot find the reason for your headaches, then you might want to look at your carpet next.
FatigueWhen something in your immune system triggers an inflammatory reaction in your body, then you can feel fatigued. Fatigue can be one of the most difficult symptoms for which to trace the source. Sometimes, the substance that is causing your fatigue is found in your carpet. This can be anything from accumulated allergens to accumulated cleaning products that build up over time. Sometimes all that is needed to cure the headaches is to have a professional clean your carpets. This is an easy solution to a problem that can be difficult to resolve.
Bug BitesYou don’t have to have pets in order to experience bug bites. Fleas and bedbugs love to hide in carpet. You don’t always have to have pets to drag in fleas either. They can hop on for a ride as you walk through the grass and jump off to la y their eggs in your carpet where they will remain until the right conditions are present for them to hatch. A professional carpet cleaning can remove flea eggs, bedbugs, and other pests that you do not want near you or your family.

As you can see, many common health problems may find their source in your carpet. The cleaning that you do at home isn’t always enough. These problems are not a sign that you are dirty, but it is just that you don’t have the knowledge or equipment to take care of the problem. A carpet cleaning professional can often solve many health issues quickly and safely. Having your carpet cleaned is less expensive than a doctor visit, so it may be worth a try if you are having any of these symptoms.

How to Save on Business Insurance with Security Systems

Regardless of the size of any particular business, I strongly recommend investing in a security and surveillance system in order to ensure peace of mind, in knowing your assets are well protected. Most businesses in this day and age use security cameras. Modern technology offers a wide range of security systems to choose from. Choosing one with high quality, and an affordable cost is what I would search for in terms of the overall wellbeing of my business. While business insurance is necessary, security systems play a great role in lowering your property insurance premiums as well as total liability anywhere from 5 to 20 percent. However, this must be previously discussed with the insurance provider before choosing a security system, on account of the fact that some insurance companies will only lower your overall rate if a certain type of system is purchased.
Off the top of my head, I know that insurance companies view businesses which have closed- circuit television, or CCTV, installed, as more of a threat to potential burglaries, and foul play. Burglars tend to go for homes or small businesses that have to security system, for less of a chance of getting caught in the act. Not to mention, if you own a small business such as a grocery, or convenience store, this also helps to aid in keeping an eye on employees behind the register, in such a case where tills come out short of money, or products are missing. I was able to find out that nearly 75 percent of individuals employed at small businesses steal from their place of employment, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Another great use for CCTV would be any employee claiming an injury sustained on the job. It’s not right, but I know some employees actually attempt at faking injury in order for worker’s compensation. Since most security systems save up to at least 30 days worth of video surveillance, before being automatically erased after that point, there is a good chance of seeing what really happened.
With every claim made to your insurance company, it will cost them a significant amount of money. Therefore, the main reason they offer discounts is because, with the use of a security system, there will be less claims of damaged or stolen property. This act saves the insurance company money, just as it would save your business money for investing in the security system. Think of this discount your receive as a win- win situation for both your business, and also your insurance company. To ensure your own safety, and your employees safety, is the most important reason to have a high quality security system installed upon opening your business. I also recommend mounting cameras at every entry way and exit, as well as outside, to monitor your parking lot, gasoline or diesel pumps, or any other property belonging to your business that may reside outside of the main building. The key to maintaining a successful business relies upon your assets, your customers, and your employees.

How Often Does your Roller Shutter Require Servicing?

How Often Does your Roller Shutter Require Servicing?
In order to prolong the life of your roller shutter regular maintenance is important. There are however clear guidelines detailing on maintenance frequency for the repair but health and legal act of some countries calls for checking after a period of 12 months after which one is required to be left with an audit trail from a certified profession for legal follow up. However, this should not serve as the sole purpose for regular maintenance. A well serviced roller shut not only guarantee security and comfort but it also cuts on maintenance costs in the long run.
Recommended Servicing for different Roller Shutters
Servicing frequency will always depend on the type and nature of a roller shutter doors. Though servicing will be most welcomed in the event of damage, servicing would range from 3 months for a medium to high volume, 6 months for a medium to low volume, and 12 months for a low volume roller shutter. Alternatively, in the event of unprepared damage, you are advised to consider professional advice from different experts such as the Firemex Roller Shutter Division.
Common/Basic Repairs to a roller shutter
There are a number of things which can lead to malfunctioning of a roller shutter, luckily most if not all can be solved. For common problems, a technician would hunt for sign of corrosion and lubricate or redo the alignment to allow for free movement. Subsequently, the problem can be adjusted by redoing spring tensioning. Worn out parts like the autolocks, springs and bearings must be replaced.
Benefits of regular roller shutter maintenance
In consideration to the buying cost, the main reason for regular maintenance would always serve to save on replacement cost. Seasonal visit by a technician makes it possible to perceive a problem in time thus leading to its solution. Most investors –whose most businesses are secured by these roller shutters – premises will remain secured thus minimizing the risk of suffering huge losses due to faulty roller shutters. Apart from offering security, regular repair increases the lifespan of a roller shutter. Above all, by adhering to regular maintenance, you would have fulfilled the legal requirements.
Who should repair your roller shutter?
Not every manufacture is eligible to repair your roller coaster. As a matter of fact these details are clearly penned in the BS EN 12635 ruling. The ruling requires that only manufactures with the ISO certification and relevant skills should be in charge of repair and replacement of roller shutters. Personally, you may also consider reviewing the audit trail of your manufacturer or the technician and see whether you stand to get insured should dissatisfaction arise during the repair.
Cost of repair
There is neither a ceiling nor a floor price for the different types of the roller coasters. The charges will always vary depending on the technician and the level of repair required. Truthfully, services for a single premise door and multiple shutters serviced at once will be the cheapest.
For details about check emergency roller shutter repairs

Lifespan Of A Fire Extinguisher

A fully filled fire extinguisher maintenance takes between five and fifteen years to require replacement. When the equipment ages, the shell weakens. The age of the extinguisher is therefore tested by performing electrostatic test. If it withstands the pressure, it’s an indication that it is going to last longer. Depleted equipment should be taken to fire department and get refilled if the integrity of can is still reliable. The lifespan of the extinguisher depends on class of the equipment. Fire agencies recommend that fire extinguishers must be refilled after every 10 years and complete replacement after 12 years.

Factors Leading to Aging of Fire Extinguishers

Dust particles.

Equipments placed in dusty places accumulate dust over a long time thus affecting the eventual functionality. Dirt clogs the nozzle blocking the extinguishant when deployed.


Storing the equipment with abrasive objects scratches the surface makings and compromises the integrity of the can.


Equipment should be placed away from sources of vibration. Vibration from machines movement and other sources loosens pins and levers on the equipment, affecting functionality.


Aged equipments may not function properly as some operating parts may become hard to operate. The new management taking over a purchased property must therefore ensure the equipment is up to date.


The initial quality of purchased equipment affects its functionality and longevity. Substandard equipments breaks up easily necessitating replacement in a short time.

Position of the pressure gauge

The extinguisher is made with the lever facing the green label. If placed otherwise, there is likelihood it won’t work effectively.

The shock of dropping

Fire extinguishers are normally, placed at strategic location, hanging on the wall. Badly placed equipment or weak supporting apparatus will result to falling, breaking essential parts or even leakage of extinguishing material.

Expiry of Chemicals

Dedicated extinguishers using other chemicals other than Carbon (II) Oxide will need prompt replacement once the chemicals expire. These chemicals may not entirely expire but rather, change into another form unintended for fire management.


There are different fire extinguishers for different types of flames depending on the source. For instance, a building that changes purpose but previously had fire extinguishers dedicated for Class A fires will have to be replaced with new equipment catering for the new purpose.

Lost inspection tag

The tag indicates if the equipment is relevant and is in functional condition. This information is important for the subsequent inspection. Equipment with misplaced tags should therefore be replaced immediately.

Equipment Disposal

Fire extinguishers contain chemicals that can be hazardous is exposed to the environment. Aged equipment should therefore be disposable safely. This involves;

Taking the equipment to the fire department

Disposing it to toxic refuse disposal point

Taking the can to a recycling plant


Actually, it is how the equipment is maintained that contributes to its overall longevity. Particular attention should be paid on the following;

The manner the extinguisher is mounted on the wall

Visibility and ease of access

The overall condition of equipment parts

Weight and pressure

My Wedding

There probably isn’t a woman alive who hasn’t had a certain picture in mind when she thinks of her perfect wedding. It’s a picture that probably starts in our minds when we are little girls, each reading fairy tale stories, complete with knights in shining armor and riding on dazzling white horses. That’s certainly the way it was for me for almost as long as I can remember.

Fortunately, it was when I met my future husband, Danny Teo, that things really started to make me believe that the images I had in my mind weren’t just fantasies. They could be real if I wanted them to be. Better yet, as things went on in our relationship, I started to really believe that my life with Danny would be closer to being the fairy tale that I was envisioning. And as I have found in this short period since, dreams really can and do come true when you really want them to.

They say that what you hold in your mind you can bring to pass. I have always believed that, but surely, even for me that didn’t mean fairy tales, but as my relationship with Danny Teo continued and grew, I started to believe that it really was true, and I was right. This being the case, I didn’t have the usually hectic, frantic feelings that most brides have when planning their wedding. I was making a fairy tale come true, which made thing easier and better for me than most others.

Making things even better was the cooperation I so lovingly got from so many people who proved their willingness to help me make this fairy tale a reality. My family’s participation as well as that of Danny’s was so forthcoming and given so willingly and lovingly that it actually made planning and eventually carrying it out to be a dream come true.

It is little wonder when we chose a setting for the wedding that we chose the Fullerton Hotel Singapore. After all, even a fantasy needs a good location to start. We got that from Fullerton Hotel Singapore, and the people I worked with there made everything a dream. There were times when I felt so tempted to pinch myself to make sure that everything was perfect, that everything would be just what Danny and I had envisioned for our special day.

Obviously, as much planning and work people do to make a wedding happen, nothing really becomes the actual wedding until the guests begin to arrive, and there was nothing different about that for our wedding either. The truth is that no wedding could ever really be the best that it could possibly be without having all of our most cherished friends and family members there for the occasion.

I will never forget the feeling I got when the first of our guests started arriving, so many from so far away to make this special day all the more special with their presence. So many people who cared so very much to come see Danny and I become one took the time out of their very busy schedules to make our day special, and I hope made their day special by being part of our celebration of love.

I have seen so many brides choke up totally when it comes time to walk down that aisle, but that wasn’t the way it was for me. On the contrary, I was so overwhelmingly happy and excited to see all of my friends and family gathered together as well as to see Danny’s friends and family want to attend and celebrate with us was more than I could have possibly asked for. The only way that I could possibly describe the feeling that I got walking down that aisle was overwhelming.

I cannot describe to you the feeling I got when that regal sounding music started and I began my walk down the aisle. To say that I felt like a princess would be an understatement. I felt like a queen, and my father’s arm was more to me at that moment than just a loving show of support. He was like a king he was so proud. I knew, however, that at the end of the aisle was my prince, the other half of the reason we were all there, and when I saw his loving, smiling face, everything else in that room fell away. Finally, I knew at that point that all of the dreams and planning that we had done to get to that point, wasn’t really a goal in and of itself. It was, instead, a gate to a beautiful life together, a future that neither of us could fully appreciate even at that point.

Isn’t it funny how until that point everything seems so unreal, everything you do is all done to get to that point then, all of the sudden, it’s really happening, and despite how much work you put into it, all of the emotions come flooding into your mind and overwhelm you? That is precisely the way that Danny and I both felt at that moment. Those feelings are worth more than all of the bling in the world.

Then with the exchange of vows, rings, and I dos, we were no longer two people, but one totally loving couple, never to be taken apart. To just think about that moment isn’t even real to me, but it is. I don’t think it is possible for anyone who goes through a wedding to not think with fondness of every part of the wedding, but especially the vows and everything that goes on during those brief moments together. But it all boils down to those short few minutes and everything about life changes. Nothing about life is me or mine anymore. It’s now we. Never again can you consider yourself alone when it’s time to prepare a meal or make so many other kinds of arrangements. Even the little things like sleeping side by side are special, when hair that wasn’t there before finds itself on a pillow to wake up to, or the smell of his cologne makes waking up that much more special. Who couldn’t get excited by those kinds of those, but before times like these actually happen, it’s hard to imagine them even happening, much less being the joy that they are after “I do.”

From that point forward we were no longer Amber Cheong and Danny Teo. From the moment we turned to walk out of that church we were Mr. and Mrs. Danny Teo, husband and wife, loving each other together forever. We were so excited to finally be husband and wife that just as is the case with so many other couples, we were so tempted to skip the reception, but we knew that so many people wanted to see us, some for the very first time, that those temptations didn’t last long.

So many people came from so far away that we could not have possibly missed our reception to at least begin the process of thanking everyone who took part in our wedding. It’s a good thing that the reception site was so large as to give everyone the opportunity to let their hair down for the joyous celebration, and as everyone knows, how could anyone forget so much wonderful food. Everything at the reception, just like the wedding, was perfect, and I don’t think that there is any amount of planning that can go into an event like our wedding that could guarantee success until the guests are there, because, besides us, our guests are what made our wedding such a special time never to be forgotten.

I have always thought that the reception to our wedding–to any person’s wedding–was almost anticlimactic since it’s the wedding that is the real event. And in a way that’s the way it was for us too, but at the same time I think that the most natural thing in the world when you have love is to celebrate when two halves of the love come together to bond permanently. That’s the way it was for our reception. Even better is the fact that everybody celebrated, not just us. Perhaps it’s because there were so many people there who were there for precisely that reason, to celebrate our new lives together, and to celebrate our lives beginning together.

And what a celebration we had! Who could possibly forget the reception that was such a celebration and thing to remember at the same time? In fact, if I regret only one thing from that entire event it was the fact that we didn’t have time to adequately thank everyone who had taken so much time, effort, and yes, expense to be a part of our special day. Needless, to say that everyone who was there deserves our thanks, but I also hope that each person who was there considers themselves to be part of the reason our day was so special because our wedding wasn’t just an event that brought two people who love each other together. Instead, it was an event that made two families one and two groups of friends into one as well. We hope that this togetherness is celebrated just as our love is.

It’s always so nice when everything at the wedding and the reception come together so well as it did at ours. As everyone will remember, the food was fabulous, which I must thank all of the wonderful folks who helped with that. Needless to say, you were part of the reason that our day was so special just as much as everyone else in the ceremony was.

A loving thanks also needs to go to all of our friends and family who contributed all of the wonderful gifts that we received to start our lives together. All of you probably are well aware–especially those of you who are married–of how much we need to get started right. Fortunately, your love as well as thoughtful consideration went into each gift and is sincerely appreciated. Setting up housekeeping can be such a difficult thing since you never start out married anyway, but when others can use their experience to select things that they know will be needed, it’s almost like you always feel especially blessed.

Danny and I are so looking forward to seeing the photographs from our wedding, not only to relive our day, but also to remind us that is was day one of a lifetime together. For that we are so thankful and grateful and we anticipate every new day together anew. I know that we will both so appreciate the opportunity to see those memories come back, the good, the fun, and the funny, all of which were part of our wedding and reception.

Andrew Loyd Webber wrote the lyrics to a song for the play Cats that used the line, “Love, love changes everything,” and it’s true. Thanks to our wedding and all of the wonderful people who took part in it to make it what it was, everyone’s lives were changed. That doesn’t apply to just Danny and I. Yours changed as well since you were a part of our wedding. For that we are very grateful, but we hope you recognize the change in yourself as well, because we believe that our love for each other should radiate to everyone who took part, making us all better, happier, and more blessed people in the future.

Another line from Webber’s Cats musical from the same song, in fact, goes like this, “…nothing will ever, ever, ever, be the same again,” and it’s true. As happy as I have been in my life, our wedding was the beginning of another new phase in our lives, and because of our love, nothing will ever be the same again. It’s our hope that our wedding, our love will cause the same feeling in your lives as well. We wish you all peace and love.

Home Makeover on a Budget

When people are looking to make over their home but are on a budget there are some things that they can do. A handyman can help with the home makeover and even suggest some simple things that can be done to give the home a whole new look. These are some inexpensive ways that you can make over your home.
Paint the Walls
Handyman services does not charge a lot of money to paint and you will know that the job is being done right. A fresh coat of paint can give the room and new look and a new feel. Paint is not that expensive and a person can pick just about any color that they want. If a person is really on a tight budget they can have a handyman paint on wall in each room. That will give the room a bit of color and a person will have a fresh accent wall. This will also make the room appear to be bigger than it actually is.
Add Shelving
This is another inexpensive home makeover project that a handyman can do for a low price. Having shelves in a room can give it a new look and feel. Shelves will also allow there to be extra storage in the room. Cascading shelves are popular now. They go up and down the wall like a stairwell. This can turn an empty and boring wall into a focal point in the room. These shelves can be used to hold pictures and other decorative items. They will also save some space in an office.
Change the Lighting
Changing the lighting features in a room can make a big difference. Lighting fixtures can add special effects to a room. People may spend thousands of dollars to get this look but it does not have to cost anywhere near that much. A handyman can help a person pick out different lighting features and find the best ones to add dimension to the room. They can also install dimmers which are inexpensive so that a person can change the look in the room as they feel fit.
Change the Flooring
Many people think that changing the flooring in a room is very expensive but it does not have to do. There have been many different types of flooring over the years that have improved in quality but have lowered in price. Linoleum used to be ugly and cheap looking. This flooring material has changed over the years. It now comes in many different colors and styles. A person can even purchase linoleum that looks similar to tile but only at a fraction of the price. A handyman can install this new flooring in under a day for a low price.
These are some great ways to make over the home while on a budget. These home makeover tips can be performed by a handyman. Now anyone can have a great looking modern home without having to spend a lot of money on home makeover and improvements.